KYOCERA Cluster Printing Pro

Product Overview

KYOCERA Cluster Printing Pro is a stand-alone solution that accelerates the process of printing by distributing a large print job using up to four Kyocera devices, effectively speeding up your printing output and increasing efficiency

KYOCERA Cluster Printing (KCP) is a great solution that allows customers who occasionally need to speed up printing in their environment to do so, without having to outsource these print jobs and pay a premium for outsourcing services. When using KYOCERA Cluster Printing Pro, you can simply divide your job among multiple Kyocera MFPs/printers in the office, allowing the job to print in half the time, and increasing productivity. When using Copy Splitting features you can easily disperse your multiple print jobs to either the fastest MFP/printers, or split a single job to multiple MFP/printers to speed up the printing process. 

  • Automated device discover
  • Display of device properties
  • Display of device status
  • Faster performance by splitting the print job, based on device availability and PPM (except for offline devices)
  • Single Copy splitting (send one single print job to multiple devices)
  • Multiple Copy splitting (send multiple print jobs to multiple devices)
  • Cover page for split jobs
  • Error handling (Reprint, Manually redirect to other devices, Cancel)

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